How Long Is Bartending School?

Getting your bartending certificate is an investment of your time. So, how long is bartending school? How soon can you start bartending? That all depends on you, your focus, your commitment.

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Intensive Training

Bartending schools usually offer certification courses that run between 2-3 weeks, full time. In that time you will be expected to memorize a pile of cocktail recipes, learn how to upsell those cocktails with premium spirits, understand how each spirit is made and where it is from, familiarize yourself with the bartending equipment and build multiple drinks efficiently.

This intensive training forces students to focus singularly on getting their bartending certification as quickly as possible. This is ideal for students who need structure and accountability.

Unfortunately the instructor and training space is no longer available to students after the course ends.

Learning at your own pace

Online bartending school provides flexibility and allows you to study when it works for you.

You should allocate a specific number of hours per week but don’t have to log in at a specific time. Blocking out time to watch the instructional videos and completing the quizzes for each section is a good way of estimating how much time you will need to complete the course.

The great thing about an online bartending school is that you can review the material as many times as necessary for you to feel comfortable. You can also retake the quizzes until you get 100%.

Here are 10 tips on how to succeed with an online bartending school. We put them in a quick video to keep the reading short.

We also include these ‘keys to success’ in the bartending program. As an additional tip, it’s always good to look back on these keys for their applicability. When you have completed the course, ask yourself the question ‘How long is a bartending course?’ and you too will find this is a much longer journey than originally anticipated.

The good thing is we can get you started with your learning now. Set aside a couple weeks of focused study time and you’ll be well on your way to mixing cocktails behind the bar!


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