The Bartending Industry Always Has Opportunities

Great bartenders know they can always find a job. People around the world like their cocktails which makes the bartending industry extremely flexible. Bartenders travel the world because they know new restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs are opening every day. Every establishment is always on the hunt for good staff, particularly bartenders because bartending is typically a transitory job. Some folks bartend to make a bit of cash while traveling. For others it is a part time job that offers a more social alternative to sitting at a desk. Bartenders change jobs often because they know they can. That leaves many positions behind the bar available for anyone eager enough to get back there and help out. Do your research by scouting out a few places.

Types of Establishments for Bartenders

Pubs are great for perfecting your beer pouring skills. You can also expect to pour highballs, wine and shots. Here you also want to know your whiskies. The clientele will be more casual and friendly, but can get rowdy.

Family restaurants will also have plenty of beer and wine being served. Virgin cocktails for the kids of course, and the occasional highball. Family restaurants are very informal, but give you the opportunity to practice your customer service skills. If wine is served by the bottle, it’s a great place to practice wine service.

Fine dining takes years of practice, but is very rewarding. Expensive bottles of wine can yield higher tips than 20 pints of beer. Add meals to that overall bill and you will find the earning potential at fine dining establishments among the best. In addition, these places usually have shorter hours allowing you to get home at a decent hour.

If you are a night owl and like getting home after sunrise, nightclubs might be the place for you. Nightclubs are high volume venues. They are loud and busy, which also translates to a bunch of money. It takes time to build up the skills to become organized enough to succeed in a club atmosphere. The skills and knowledge from this course get you that much closer.

Cocktail bars are more focused on the artistry of drinks. You will typically find these bars in hotels. Each cocktail is usually priced high and patrons are looking to enjoy their beverage in a classier establishment. Professionalism is the key to success here and big money can be made from just a few cocktails. 

Mix It Up A Little

Don’t be afraid to try out different establishments to find the right team of people who will support you in getting your bartending career started. A comfortable and supportive group of fellow bartenders will be eager to show you the ropes. Finding where you are most happy may take some time. 

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