Who Are Your Bartending Instructors?

Hey there! We are Trevor and Chris, coming to you from Vancouver, Canada’s oldest and most established bartending school. And as now bartending instructors, we have teamed up to bring you this comprehensive bartending course.

From Bartender to Engineer to Teacher?

Chris started bartending at University parties while studying to be an engineer. For years, he has worked bars, clubs and restaurants in around Vancouver. Even after working days as an engineer, he still gets behind the bar at private events to stay sharp.

bartending instructors with camera

For the last few years, Chris has taken a step back from designing equipment to spend time training bartenders. Teaching is a very rewarding activity, and when teaching people how to bartend it’s even better. He has added the Level 2 Certification in Spirits from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, and more recently an Educators Certificate from WSET for both Level 1 and Level 2 Spirits. Teaching how to make drinks does end up being a great combination of design and cocktailing skills.

Education and Communication is Essential

Trevor’s career has been in education and communication for over twenty years now. His experience as an educator, was key is building this course. Bartending is a fun and exciting industry to work in. Trevor had a vision for how to take traditionally unexciting material and keep it captivating. That’s the experience of a true creative professional! Trevor continues to update the video lessons to ensure it’s the best information on the web for anyone interested in starting an online bartending course. He is also passionate about creating his own fancy cocktails, since he isn’t much of a beer guy. 

The Most Comprehensive Online Bartending Course on the Web

We have 10 different sections for you to go through. We build on skills learned in previous sections. Be sure to complete each in sequence which also includes review of the exercises, cocktail recipes, and additional tips every bartender should know. We have video lessons in each of these sections too, which amount to over 6 hours of information packed footage. There is a lot of information to get through. Take the time and review the videos. Do the exercises! Practice your drinks! Read the content! A knowledgeable bartender will know cocktails, but also needs to know about the spirits and tools they are using. When you’ve mastered both, you’ll be ready to get started behind the bar.

Don’t try and do it all at once. This program is modelled on a 32-hour hands-on bartending course; 4 hours a day, spread out over 8 days. The students we see in the bartending school find that to be a challenge, but through repetition and quizzing they learn the material and excel when finished. The beauty of this online course is that you can move through the material at your own pace. And if you need to review something, the video will repeat everything as concisely and as patiently as the first time.

A Growing List of Cocktails

We have over 100 cocktails for you to learn and practice. You’ll start to notice some similarities between cocktails, because many cocktails are very similar. You’ll have to spend some time getting yourself set up with the necessary equipment, but once you have that setup… practice practice practice. Everyone has different methods for memorizing recipes. We’ve simplified the proportions in each cocktail so you know the ingredients. Yes, you will find variations in online recipes but we are sticking to original, standard recipes. Becoming a great bartender requires maintaining great habits behind the bar. By practicing some simpler cocktails, then building on those, you will increase your ‘vocabulary’ of drinks while establishing solid fundamentals. Anyone can follow a recipe, but if they don’t understand how or why they are executing those steps… it won’t make them a great bartender.

The investment you make in this course will not only help you start bartending with confidence. It’s easy to notice if a bartender has been trained correctly. Many bad habits get passed from generation to generation and it’s our job as bartending instructors to fix that.  This is a course that will also help you become knowledgeable as a bartender for yourself, your friends, your customers and your employers.

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