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Why is Vodka Boring?

Vodka is Boring Vodka is a spirit carefully designed to be plain and boring. Gin starts to have a bit flavour. Vodka though is a great starting point for learning about spirits and that’s where we start with this course. If vodka were to be described in a picture… Photo by Philipp Berndt I know...
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Considerations for Online Bartending School

Self-study for an online bartending school works great for some but is not for everyone. Here are a few important considerations when thinking about signing up. Internet access & a computer Not everyone has the same access to a computer and the internet. Some will be able to learn at home on a desktop, in...
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How Long Is Bartending School?

Getting your bartending certificate is an investment of your time. So, how long is bartending school? How soon can you start bartending? That all depends on you, your focus, your commitment. Intensive Training Bartending schools usually offer certification courses that run between 2-3 weeks, full time. In that time you will be expected to memorize...
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Bartender salary in the USA

What is a bartender salary in the USA? The potential for earning great money as a bartender is high. Of course it depends on your employer, venue and experience. In this blog post, we will explore a bartender salary in the USA. Show me the money Plenty of bartenders earn a full-time living on a part-time...
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Bartender Job Description

What does a bartender do? Mixing and serving alcoholic drinks is the obvious answer but there is so much more. There are two categories for any bartender job – Bar Duties and Customer Service. Bar Duties Keep all surfaces clean Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when working behind a bar. No one wants to...
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Is Online Bartending School worth it?

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of online bartending school depends on how you like to learn and what outcomes you want. When you are clear about these questions, you can make your own, informed decision. Online Bartending School is worth it when… Some students learn best on their own time and at their own pace....
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Experiment – Balancing a Cocktail

On a hot summer day here in Vancouver, we were craving a fresh-tasting cocktail to offset the rare heat wave we had. Looking around the kitchen we only had a random selection of ingredients. This usually means we need to make another run to the local liquor store, but today we wanted to just work...
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Learn How To Bartend

Throughout most of the world, bartenders have been romanticized as cocktail magicians. Bartending is formulaic. Bartenders are performers and need to mix cocktails while entertaining their guests. Experienced bar chefs stretch the imagination with concoctions of liquids they likely are only in the know of. Just like everyone, they started at one point with zero...
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Why Would You Choose to Start Bartending?

This is a more general question. Why do people start bartending? At Fine Art Bartending they see over 200 students a year for their in person classes. It’s a great opportunity to ask each person that comes through the door why they signed up in the first place. Start Bartending Part-time Many people already have...
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