Over 6 hours of premium video training

   How to find work as a bartender
   How to step behind any bar with confidence
   How to serve alcohol responsibly
   How spirits are made
   How to mix over 100 cocktails
   How to balance a cocktail
   How to tap a keg
   And much more!

Becoming a bartender

We have 11 different sections for you to go through, each with exercises, cocktail recipes, and additional tips every bartender should know.

The investment you make in this course will not only help you start bartending with confidence, it will also help you become knowledgeable and valuable as a bartender for yourself, your friends, your customers and your employers.

Here is what you'll learn on the inside!


  • Meet your instructors
  • Learn how to bartend
  • Expectations
  • Keys to success
  • Bar layout
  • Essential bar equipment
  • What you’ll need to get started at home
  • Index of cocktails in this course
  • Cocktails with no alcohol
  • Cocktail exercises
  • Industry overview
  • QUIZ


  • Bar opening procedures
  • Mixes and garnishes
  • Mixing Method: Build-on-ice
  • How alcohol is made
  • Distillation
  • What is vodka
  • Common vodka brands
  • Cocktails with vodka
  • Section one cocktail exercises
  • Bar closing procedures
  • Review of section one
  • QUIZ – Section one


  • Customer Service
  • What are liqueurs?
  • Essential liqueur categories
  • Cocktails with liqueurs only
  • Mixing method – Shake and Strain
  • Cocktails with vodka & liqueurs
  • Section two cocktail exercises
  • Let’s talk about shooters
  • Review of section two
  • QUIZ – Section two


  • Responsible service
  • What is gin?
  • Balancing a cocktail
  • Cocktails with gin
  • Mixing method – Stir & Strain
  • Section three cocktail exercises
  • Review of section three
  • QUIZ – Section three


  • Aging & blending
  • What are whiskies?
  • Canadian Whisky
  • American Whiskies
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Is it Whisky or Whiskey?
  • Scotch Whisky
  • Japanese Whisky
  • Cocktails with Whiskies
  • Making hot cocktails
  • Section four cocktail exercises
  • Review or section four
  • QUIZ – Section four


  • Upselling
  • What is rum?
  • Classifications of rum
  • Cocktails with rum
  • Section five cocktail exercises
  • Review of section five
  • QUIZ – Section five
Create opportunities for yourself

Become a bartender

In this course you should expect to spend almost 40 hours reviewing the materials, watching the videos, doing the exercises, memorizing recipes and practicing your pouring skills

We have over 6 hours of video clips broken down into bite-size chunks. You will get a lot of information and exercises that we know will give you the skills you need to get started behind the bar.

This training program makes people with no industry experience into bartenders. With 50 years of bartender training, it’s hard to find a program to match the sheer volume of information we have here.


  • One-touch bartending
  • What is tequila?
  • Types of tequila
  • Brands of tequila & mezcal
  • Mezcal & the worm
  • Cocktails with tequila
  • Section six cocktail exercises
  • Review of section six
  • QUIZ – Section six


  • What is wine?
  • Types of wine
  • Wine & food pairing
  • Proper corkscrew use & wine service
  • Wine tasting tips
  • Cocktails with wine
  • Section seven cocktail exercises
  • Review of section seven
  • QUIZ – Section seven


  • What is brandy?
  • Types of brandy
  • Lettering on bottles
  • Brands of brandy
  • Cocktails with brandy
  • Section eight cocktail exercises
  • Review of section eight
  • QUIZ – Section eight


  • What is beer?
  • Classifications of beer
  • Serving beer
  • Pouring draft beer
  • Draft beer handling
  • Glassware storage
  • Tapping a keg
  • Troubleshooting draft beer
  • Review of section nine
  • QUIZ – Section nine


  • Make a bartending resume
  • How to get a job
  • Applying for work
  • Final words

Congrats to our students!

“I started the course knowing nothing so it seemed a little overwhelming at first; but as the class progressed it became more comfortable and by the end I can easily notice my improvements.”

– Ed

“Took the bartending course and I was able to get a job in the entertainment district with it. The course itself was fun and very informative. Thanks so much!”

– Jasmine

“I had no experience in making drinks when I took this course. My reason for taking a course on bartending was simple. I just wanted to know some drinks so I can at least feel a bit more confident when applying for a job as a bartender.”

– Eric

“Very informative and will definitely give you the confidence to take the first step into the bartending world. 10/10 would recommend! Good job guys keep up the awesome work!!”

– Kelesi


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