Why Would You Choose to Start Bartending?

This is a more general question. Why do people start bartending? At Fine Art Bartending they see over 200 students a year for their in person classes. It’s a great opportunity to ask each person that comes through the door why they signed up in the first place.

Start Bartending Part-time

Many people already have a job. Sometimes those people are working in an office. Sometimes they are working construction. In both of these situations people are craving the extra dollars and the interaction with people. Anyone that has worked as a barista or in the retail environment will appreciate the satisfaction of seeing a smile on someone’s face. Knowing that your immediate actions translate to making someone’s day better is that carrot that drives many. Making cocktails and chatting with guests is a great alternative to pushing paper

Career Advancement – Barista to Bartender

We just mentioned baristas. There is good money to be made in making coffee, but the volume and tips are usually a little light. Many customers will pop in for a single coffee and be gone. Fine Art sees a lot of baristas that want to add more than coffee to their resumes. Typically, the skills learned in making fancy coffee for discerning customers is tougher than slinging beer. Some of the best students are those former baristas, so if you know your way around an espresso machine you too can add a whole new set of tricks to your arsenal of knowledge.

Changing Things Up Altogether

If your current or previous job has just become too physically taxing, then bartending might be your calling. Fine Art Bartending tells us that in the last year they have had welders and mechanics come through their course. Semi-retired individuals also take on the bartending classes looking for something easier to do in their later years. There are a number of venues that a bartender can work in, with a pace suited for everyone. A busy tourist restaurant bartender will be very different from a private tennis club bartender.

Anyone can Start bartending

It’s Not in the Culture

Tom Cruise glorified the bartending role a bit in the ’80s movie Cocktail. Bartenders around North America still offer some flash and flair to their drinks to entertain while working. Large parts of the world don’t celebrate cocktail making like we do here. Fine Art Bartending has told us the number of students coming from Asia is increasing each year. Those students talk about the lack of any kind of North American style bartending training on that side of the world. For anyone that wants to start bartending, they really need to look at classes in other parts of the world.

Bartending as a Hobby

Even casual interest in making cocktails is worth learning how these drinks are made. Always keep learning is what we say. Learning keeps you sharp and even comprehensive online courses can keep that brain functioning. Besides, learning cocktails is great for even home entertaining.

‘Give a person a cocktail and they drink for the hour. Show a person how to make cocktails and they entertain for a lifetime!’ Anonymous

That quote was originally talking about fish, but when adding in spirits and mixes… after a cocktail or two… it really does make sense. Bartending is both a great job and a fun hobby.

Easy Online Learning on How to Bartend

We aim to keep it simple. We have hours of videos and lots of lessons for you to work through. Learning how to bartending takes time. Our goal was to create entertaining and informative sections. Cocktails and videos that you want to keep on viewing and learning from. Check out our course and start bartending!

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